VA Loan Items Needed

  1. Proof of Service (DD214, Active Duty Statement of Service, Reserves or Guard: NGB-2, DARP Form 249-2-E or ARPC Form 606, Chronological Statement of Retired Points, NRPC 1070-124, Annual Retirement Point Record, AF-526, Point Summary, NAVMC-798, or CG-4174 or 4175).
  2. If you are currently on active duty and will have a Power of Attorney for closing, you will need an Alive and Well Certification signed by your commanding officer the day of closing.
  3. Last two years of W-2s and/or 1099’s.
  4. If you receive Social Security, Retirement and/or Disability, please show your most recent award letter, statement, and proof that money is being deposited into your bank account.
  5. Last two years of signed tax returns with all schedules. If self-employed, please also provide signed business returns with all the schedules.
  6. Most recent paystubs covering at least one full month of employment, containing year-to-date, bonus, and overtime information.
  7. Last two months of asset statements. If you provide a checking or savings account, please provide all pages. If the account states eight pages, we must have l eight pages even if one page is blank. If you are providing a quarterly statement, we need all pages of the most recent quarter. You will need to explain any large deposits that aren’t common in your bank account.
  8. If divorced, we will need all pages of separation agreement and divorce decree.
  9. Do you have alimony or child support? We will need to document payments.
  10. If you have minor children, we will need a signed childcare letter stating who watches the children while you are at work. If you pay for childcare, we will need to know how much you pay a month.
  11. If you have had a bankruptcy in the past 7 years, please provide all pages of your bankruptcy documents with the list of creditors. Also, provide your discharge papers.
  12. If you have had a foreclosure or a short sale, we will need the documentation that states when your name was taken off of title. If your home was included in Bankruptcy, the bankruptcy only absolved you of the mortgage, but it did not release you from ownership of the home. You are the owner of the home until your name is taken off of title. We need a minimum of two years from the short sale completion or when your name is removed from title.​​​​​​​​​​
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